If you want your site to appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), search engines will need to be able to find your site and index the content.

Your site can be invisible to search engines for many reasons, so it’s best to make sure everything works sooner than later.

Luckily, it’s both free and easy to do this.

First, download and install the Screaming From SEO Spider tool. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, so it should work for most people. The free version will work for up to 500 URLs, so unless your site is large, it should be able to crawl the entire site. If you need to scan a bigger site, you’ll need to buy the paid version.

Scanning your site

To scan your site, simply enter your URL into the search bar at the top and click the start button. 

Once the scan is complete, look under the Indexability column to make sure that all the pages are indexable.

Pages not indexable?

If you’re seeing that some pages are not indexable, that means that search engines will not include those pages in their search results.

First, check the page for Noindex tags. This is in the meta content in the head of the html source code and will show up as “noindex, nofollow”, as pictured below.

If you are using WordPress, ensure that the site is visible to search engines by click on “Settings”, then “Reading” in the dashboard toolbar, and making sure the “Search engine visibility” box is UNCHECKED.

Still need help?

If you’re still having problems with content not being indexable or not performing, get in touch. and we can do a free scan and help you fix any issues you might be having.

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